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Ego and the Ids: Almost Masons

Ego and the Ids: Another Sad and Bizzare Chapter in Human History

Thank You ♪

♪ An important message from Ego and The Ids 

Our contention has always been to provide music to make people feel... something. We never got into this for the money (LOL!), or the fame, or because we didn't have "real jobs." The idea that we could pull something out of the aethyr, make it tangible and enjoyable, which would communicate our feelings to the world with as few words as possible... that is what turns us on: That you are listening, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Our position has always been that when we sold enough CD's and MP3's to cover our expenses, that we would give the music away. This is what we are doing today, to thank you for your continuing love and support. The MP3's you are about to download are 320 kbps, which is as close to CD quality as we could get without making the files too large to download. Enjoy.

Please upload these to torrent sites, give them to friends with our blessing. Be sure to tell people how to find this page. Help us get this music out there. We are about to embark on a new musical adventure and we promise not to let you down. Stay tuned for more Ego and The Ids. Click the links to download the MP3's, or right-click and select save link.

Almost Masons (2007) Another Sad and Bizzare Chapter
in Human History (2009)

Another Sad and Bizzare Chapter in Human History

The Day Before Tomorrow
White Lilies, White Lies
March of The Woodland Fairies
Ophelia, I...
Out of Time
The Silver Key

Stumble, Trip and Fall
Death of Arthur
Do You Dream in Color
Lady of The Lake
Marlin Conjures The Dragon
Picture It
Round Tables

Knight In The Abyss
On, and On, and On
Post Apocalyptic Hoedown
Girl I knew
In The Night
Zombies At The Door
Shit Hit The Fan


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